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Mari Orr

65.00 USD 80.00 USD

Sylvie demands to be noticed with her flamboyant palette of pinks, purples, and blues. Exuberant brushstrokes move across the surprisingly sophisticated oatmeal-colored canvas like bolts of joyful energy. Sylvie wants to do it all and knows she can do it all. She knows you can do it all too. Let her bright, encouraging palette motivate you in your creativity and productivity. 

Original acrylic painted with professional grade paints on back-stapled 1.5" profile cotton canvas. Sides of canvas are left white. Acid-free, pH-neutral. Measures 6 x 6 x 1-1/2". Signed in bronze by artist.

Please note original works may take up to two weeks to seal and prepare for shipping.

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