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Linea 005

Mari Orr

145.00 USD

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LINEA 005 reminds me of a beautiful faceted jewel reflecting shades of rich emerald, dazzling jade, bright juicy pear, and delicate celadon. Hints of rose, plum, and coral appear throughout. 

LINEA 005 was painstakingly arranged over a total working period of eight hours. Hand-painted natural white 140lb cold pressed paper was precisely hand-cut and trimmed by artist Mari Orr. The vibrant colors were achieved using a variety of artist-quality acrylic paints, watercolors, inks, and pigments in a carefully chosen selection of mediums. Acid-free, pH-neutral. Measures 11 x 11". The collage extends to the top and bottom of the surface, while leaving a generous margin to the left and right. Signed by artist in black ink on the back. This original piece is not sealed and must be protected under glass before hanging. 

Please note original works may take up to two weeks to prepare for shipping.

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